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The Opus I patio Doors
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Opus Patio Door
Opus Patio Door
Opus Patio Door
Opus Patio Door
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The Opus I
patio Door

Begin to enjoy your home living experience with the Opus I patio door.

Let Opus I enhance and beautify your home living experience

Your choice of Opus will depend on your needs. Both the Opus I and II feature energy-efficiency, easy maintenance and excellent security. The Opus I has a maximum width of 187” and the Opus II 139”, with twin or full panels, and smooth operation is certain with either.

Cost: $$$$$

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Premium design
  • 5 5/8'' mechanical frame
  • Mechanically fastened sash system
Clean finish
  • Standard jamb pocket cover on the interior fixed side for a smooth and clean finish
High performance
  • Full length dual weather stripping in all jambs and sash components
  • Full length bulb seal in operation jamb side for increased air-tightness
  • Standard 1'' IG unit insert for great energy efficiency
  • Unique internal drainage system to minimize risk of seal failures
Smooth operation
  • ABEC-5 Protection Ball Bearing roller system providing years of continuous smooth gliding operation

Please use the patio doors configurator in landscape mode.


Opus™ I

The Opus™ I patio door meets and exceeds the following testing standards for North America:

AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./I.S.2/A440-08 CAN/CGSB-82.1-M89 (size tested: 71''x 81 1/8'') ENERGY STAR® Qualified

among the Top 10

Air Tightness




Wind-load Resistance


Forced entry

Grade 10203040





of operation



Heights: 79 ½'' or 81 1/8''

2 panels (0X/X0)

Construction Widths: 59'' or 71'' or 95''
Retrofit Widths: 58 5/8'' or 70 5/8'' or 94 5/8''

2 panels

3 panels (XOX)

Construction Widths: 86 1/8'' or 104 1/8'' or 140 1/8''
Retrofit Widths: 85 9/16'' or 103 9/16'' or 139 9/16''

3 panels

3 panels (00X/X00)

Construction Widths: 87 ¾'' or 105 ¾'' or 141 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 87 3/16'' or 105 3/16'' or 141 3/16''

3 panels

3 panels (0X0)

Construction Widths: 87 ¾'' or 105 ¾'' or 141 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 87 3/16'' or 105 3/16'' or 141 3/16''

3 panels

4 panels (0XX0)

Construction Widths: 115 ¾'' or 139 ¾'' or 187 ¾''
Retrofit Widths: 115'' or 139'' or 187''

4 panels

Safety components

  • Exterior key lock cylinder
  • Top Guard lock & Foot lock
  • Adjustable security bar or fixed security bar
  • Durable high quality 2-point lock system

Aesthetic components

  • Euro Series handles in 7 different finishes: White, Brass, Antique Brass, Bright Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black Nickel, Satin Nickel
  • Brick moulds for new construction
  • Internal mini-blinds
  • Numerous optional frame extensions: 6 5/8'', 7 ¼'', 7 7/8'', 8 ¼'', 8 ½'', 9 ¼'' and more
  • Integrated Nailing fin
  • Many glazing options : Low-E / Argon, Tinted, V-Groove
  • Different grid patterns: Slimline, Round pencil, Georgian, Flat rectangular

Color chart

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White White-OST
Antique White Antique White-OST
Cream Cream 200-B
Beige Beige-OST
Sandalwood Sandalwood 300-B
Clay Clay 340-B
Tan Tan-OST
Pebblestone Pebblestone 330-B
Flagstone Flagstone 540-B
Charcoal Charcoal 530-B
Terra Bronze Terra Bronze 350-B
Rustic Blue Rustic Blue 740-B
Heron Blue Heron Blue 730-B
Ivy Ivy 650-B
Evergreen Evergreen 610-B
Tile Red Tile Red 590-B
Burgundy Burgundy 580-B
Chestnut Chestnut 400-B
Antique Brown Antique Brown 440-B
Black Black 500-B


Patio Door:

Frame Color:


Handle Finish:

Grid Pattern:

Grid Color:

More than 5000 colorsDimension chart View allUp to 8 panelsHandles
1/4" x 5/16"
Round PencilRound Pencil
5/8" or 1"